This is me. Hello 🙂

I got the idea for this blog around the time when my boyfriend  and I were preparing for a self-organised three-week trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. The amount of information we had to go through in order to get a general plan of how we were going to spend our time there was quite large. Thank God, there were websites suggesting what to do in a three-week timeframe that were very handy in limiting the numerous searches we had to perform to plan the trip. So I realised that there were none or not enough such websites for charming little scenic Bulgaria, which had so much to offer and yet so insufficient sources of information. Naturally, being a huge fan of Bulgaria, I decided to try and rectify this.

My blog is mostly aimed at those who are planning a stay in Bulgaria, be it 3, 5, 7 or more days. I will try to give you guys ideas of how to best spend these days/weeks and get as many highlights as possible during your trip. Most of my trips are planned for someone using a car, so I would suggest to just rent one as soon as you set foot on BG soil. There are, of course, opportunities to use public transport to get to some of the sights I will be talking about, but bear in mind that most are best accessible by car. So if you are planning a Bulgaria trip, a Balkan trip, an Eastern Europe trip, or even a Eurotrip, I am sure that this blog will be useful to you. Please note, however, that I am mostly a budget traveller and I seldomly stay at 5-star accommodations. I will try and let you in on some the 5-stars Bulgarian nature, culture and tradition has to offer.

Vratsata pass near the town of Vratsa

I am a keen amateur mountaineer and climber, so I will definitely include trip itineraries for those who would like to enjoy a bit wilder side of Bulgaria. The climbing and trekking opportunities this country has to offer are stunning and will probably take you by a huge surprise.

Enjoy!  🙂